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:: Will Probate Cases ::

We are will & probate lawyers of Lex Pioneers associates and have good knowledge of will & probate law of India. We are good professional experience to deals in will & probate cases like bail, anticipatory bail, will & probate defence trial and also in will & probate revision and appeals. We always think about our client interest and in justice.

“Will” means the legal declaration of the intention of testator with respect to his property which he desired to be carried after effect of his death.

A will is valid disposition by a living person to take effect after his death, to fake effect after his death of his disposable property but in law ultimo volutes in script is used where lands or tenements are devised, and testament, when it concerned chattels.

The word “will” is widely known and used and it has a well understood significance as meaning a disposition which is to take effect on the death of a person. “Will” has been defined in Section 2(h) of the Succession Act to mean the legal declaration of the intention of a testator with respect of his property which he desires to be carried into effect after his death.

A will, therefore, is dependent upon the testator’s death for is vigour and effect. The principal test to be applied is, whether the disposition takes effect during the lifetime of the executants of the deed, or, whether it takes effect after his demise. There is no objection to one part of an instrument operating in presented as a deed and another in future as a will.

A will or any part of will, the making of which has been costs by fraud or coercion, or by such importantly as taken away from agency the testator is void.

The Lex Pioneers attorneys are regularly appearing drafting and filling the case under this subject.

The firm of attorney an also handling the case of provided against the wills to their clients. The firm of attorney are also handling the cases for the succession probate, partition possession, trust and so many cases related to this subject.

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