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Lex Pioneers is regularly involved in advising bank, finance institution, firm in various financing transactions, loans, legal due diligence, project financing and recovery. In the area of corporate finance, Law firm's work covers rights issues, private placements, corporate restructuring, schemes of arrangement and advice on security regulations.

This department handles a wide variety of work including:

Acting as legal counsel to banks & finance companies in transactions relating to securitization of loans and the subsequent public offering of the securitized portfolio.

  • Drafting of security/ loaning documents India.
  • Advising and implementing on the creation of security in favor of the banks.
  • Corporate Finance and Security issues.
  • Consortium Lending.
  • Public Offerings.
  • Enforcing security in favour of Bank to recover the outstanding amount.
  • Litigation in India Courts/ Tribunal.
  • Lease Finance.
  • Project Financing.
  • Insurance Work.
  • Commercial Conveyance.
  • Advising banks on adopting appropriate risk management models.

Drafting user agreements, security, loaning, service agreements, privacy policy statements, and allied documents for our clients In recent years, especially in the wake of the steps taken to attract foreign investments into the banking sector, this industry has witnessed considerable expansion and growth.

The Government of India has provided an added impetus to the banking industry by proposing to set up an Asset Reconstruction firm. With the setting up of such companies, the burden of those banks, which are saddled with Non-performing assets, will ease considerably. Amongst other measures, the Government of India has also permitted offshore banking units to be set up in Special Economic Zones. Structured finance deals whether in the form of domestic or cross-border securitization have gained momentum.

Our Attorney’s advice is a comprehensive blend of business strategy, in-depth industry specific legal issues. Law firm represent a number of Banks, Financial Institutions, Financing and Insurance Companies in India.

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