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:: Criminal Trial & Bail ::

When one is charged with criminal offences like drug trafficking, securities fraud, banking fraud and other serious criminal matters the situation is very traumatic and painful for the individual. In the absence of a proper and reliable legal advice and support a person can face a result and judgement that could hamper his lifelong earned reputation, earnings, career and family. We offer best specialized, expert advice on all criminal matters and can handle your matter regardless of your location.

  • Domestic violence and child abuse:
    The court and the community treat offences against women and children as serious matters. If you have been subjected to personal violence or need a restraining order, we provide understanding and timely advice on these sensitive and often emotional offences.
  • Drugs and assault offences:
    If you have been charged with a drug offence, assault, we give you legal advice immediately. Serious offences require a criminal specialist to effectively protect your legal rights and provide the best possible representation in court.
  • Theft, stealing offences:
    Theft can include offences ranging from stealing to break, enter and steal. Theft and related offences are considered serious criminal offences. If you are charged with any theft related offence, you will need a special lawyer to advice and help you.
  • Traffic violation, acciendent offences:
    This is a vast and detailed area of offences and may not always be related to crime. Speeding, traffic light violation, hit and run case for instance is quite a common offence, but a lawyer will help argue your case in the event you have been wrongly found guilty.
  • Drink and driving offences:
    Drink-driving could have serious repercussions to your driving licence, career and reputation. A criminal expert can help in your case - explain and advise on any penalties.

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